Kindling the Fire

“Learning is the kindling of the fire, not the filling of the vessel”

—US Soccer Federation—

Quality coaching should empower players and the primary goal of this project is to help coaches empower their players through improving their coaching craft. Teacher in shorts will strive to provide coaches with ideas and self-reflection tools in five key areas of coaching competency.  These five areas are outlined and explained below.

ORGANIZE                      ANALYZE                    VISUALIZE 


          NORMS                               ENVIRONMENT

1.Organize-The work surrounding how the coach structures and designs their practice.

2.Analyze-How the coach sees the game and checks for the understanding of their players.

3. Visualize-How the coach verbalizes information and models desired soccer outcomes for their players.

4. Norms-The routines and language used by the coach to advance maximum efficiency and promote a success oriented culture.

5. Environment-The culture that is created by the coach to enhance improvement.

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