Teacher In Shorts

“No soccer coach ever stops learning. That’s what makes the great coaches great.  They strive to learn more every day and they never stop asking questions.”

-Raymond Verheijen-

This site is devoted to a specific kind of soccer coach.  The soccer coach who realizes that irregardless of where they are currently at, there is always more out there for them.  The soccer coach who realizes that their own journey is continual, effortful, and lifelong.  The soccer coach who truly embraces the process of learning more about their craft each day.   The soccer coach who realizes that their most important job is being a teacher.  The name for this site comes from the words of former USMNT coach Bob Gansler.  The Teacher in Shorts, will focus solely on the craft of teaching soccer.  Specifically it will focus on what coaches can do to improve their coaching craft through genuine reflection.

Paradigm Shift

“Constant self-evaluation as well as periodic peer assessment is the most effective guarantee for helping a coach continue his own professional growth.”

-US Soccer Federation-

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